iZooLogic Threat Intelligence

iZoologic is a specialist IT security vendor providing Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection solutions. Protecting the world’s leading Enterprise and Government organisations.

Threat Intelligence

iZoologic provides a range of Threat Intelligence services to help organizations understand, detect, and respond to cyber threats. iZoologic’s Threat Intelligence services include:

  • Threat analysis: iZoologic’s team of security experts analyze the latest cyber threats to provide organizations with actionable insights.
  • Threat reporting: iZoologic provides organizations with regular threat reports that highlight the latest threats and provide recommendations on how to mitigate them.
  • Threat feeds: iZoologic provides organizations with real-time threat feeds that can be integrated into their security systems to help them detect and respond to threats quickly.

Digital Risk Protection

iZoologic also provides a range of Digital Risk Protection services to help organizations protect their digital assets from cyber threats. iZoologic’s Digital Risk Protection services include:

  • Domain name monitoring: iZoologic monitors domain names associated with known cyber threats and alerts organizations when a domain name is registered or modified in a way that may pose a risk.
  • Brand protection: iZoologic monitors the internet for misuse of an organization’s brand and alerts the organization when it detects infringement.
  • Data breach monitoring: iZoologic monitors the internet for data breaches and alerts organizations if their data is compromised in a data breach.

Benefits of using iZoologic services

iZoologic’s services provide a number of benefits to organizations, including:

  • Improved security posture: iZoologic’s services can help organizations to improve their security posture by helping them to better understand the threats they face and by providing them with the tools and resources they need to detect and respond to threats quickly.
  • Reduced risk: iZoologic’s services can help organizations to reduce their risk of being compromised by cyber threats.
  • Compliance: iZoologic’s services can help organizations to comply with industry regulations that require them to have a robust security posture.

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