Cloudflare Security

Cloudflare Security services

Cloudflare Security Services protect your website, applications, and APIs from a wide range of attacks, including DDoS attacks, web application attacks, and data breaches. Cloudflare’s global network of edge servers sits between your visitors and your origin servers, intercepting and blocking malicious traffic before it can reach your infrastructure.

Cloudflare Security Services

Cloudflare Security Services include:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF): Cloudflare’s WAF protects your website from common web application attacks, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
  • DDoS Protection: Cloudflare’s DDoS protection can absorb even the largest DDoS attacks, keeping your website and applications online.
  • Bot Management: Cloudflare’s Bot Management solution blocks malicious bots, such as spam bots and web scrapers.
  • API Security: Cloudflare’s API Security solution protects your APIs from common attacks, such as brute-force attacks and API abuse.
  • SSL/TLS: Cloudflare provides free SSL/TLS certificates for all customers, encrypting traffic between your visitors and your origin servers.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Cloudflare’s CDN delivers your static content from edge servers located around the world, improving your website’s performance and reliability.
  • DNS Security: Cloudflare’s DNS Security solution protects your DNS records from spoofing and other attacks.

Benefits of using Cloudflare Security Services:

  • Comprehensive protection: Cloudflare Security Services protect your website, applications, and APIs from a wide range of attacks.
  • Global reach: Cloudflare’s global network of edge servers provides protection for your visitors no matter where they are in the world.
  • Easy to use: Cloudflare Security Services are easy to set up and use, with no additional hardware or software required.
  • Affordable: Cloudflare Security Services are available at a variety of price points, including a free plan for small businesses and individuals.

Cloudflare One

Cloudflare One supports Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) by combining network connectivity services with Zero Trust security services on a purpose-built global network.

Replace expensive, proprietary circuits with a single global network that provides built-in Zero Trust functionality, DDoS mitigation, network firewalling, and traffic acceleration.

Cloudflare One

The Global Cloud Platform for the Modern Enterprise

Trusted by ~15% of the Fortune 1,000. Cloudflare provides a scalable, easy-to-use, unified control plane to deliver security, performance, and reliability for on-premises, hybrid, cloud, and SaaS applications.

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